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This site provides free advice and aims to help the UK homebuyer understand what professional support they can use..

Whether you have bought and sold property before or you are a first time buyer, the information contained on this site should help you avoid getting into too much difficulty and it should help you appreciate who does what and when in the home purchase cycle, and the level of competency you require from those who can provide you with assistance.

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The information on this site is complied by Adrian J Singleton Limited. Please note that the information is supplied in good faith and whilst every effort is made to ensure that this information is reliable and appropriate for general guidance, it should not be relied upon in any individual instance and users are advised to obtain formal and directly commissioned professional advice in every case and in keeping with the ethos of this site.

Last updated 21st September 2012

Did you know that most people spend more time selecting a new TV than choosing a new home?